The Veer Huis


The Village Trade Center

On how the World Trade Center is getting a little sister: the Village Trade Center. The answer to the question how to create a new and local economy.

I would love to show you how this dream will become reality. It started in 1993, with Henry, who started the first car sharing company in the Netherlands He started with one car and three families: Mywheels, now a stable and flourishing company. Mywheels follows the principles of a new economy, the cars as well as the profits are shared. And that’s how it’s supposed to be, isn’t it?

This dream will be continued in a very special place. The first Village Trade Center – the VTC – will be housed in ‘het Veerhuis’ (the ferry house) in a village called Varik, in the Netherlands. The Veerhuis is a beautiful building: inside it feels homely and there is a wonderful, wide-open view over the river ‘Waal’.

The Veerhuis is a special place – the founder of the first art lending system in the Netherlands – Pieter Kooistra, used to live here. It was his idea to make art accessible to the public. Many years ago, he wrote a plan to make the economy accessible to the public as well; to give everybody an equal /living, including a basic income.

In this Veerhuis, the VTC will put a new and local economy into practice.

So how does it work? The Village Trade Center offers a point of sale for beautiful high-quality products from the village. In the spring and summer, the focus is on tourism with coffee, cake, and apple juice as well as art, jewelry, pots and vases, all made in the village. Each of these products is also sold via a web shop.

These products are also sold in the autumn and winter. During this time, the focus of the Village Trade Center is on businesses. Many companies are in need of new insights and at the Veerhuis, a space will be created to facilitate this process. In the ‘Waal’ room (with a view on the Waal) an ‘inspiration’ table will be created. It functions as a laboratory where the trends for the future will be born.

Now the question for you is: are you in? You can realise your dream of a wonderful future right here. Invest a relatively small amount and gain interest, not in money, but in kind; a rather high interest. This stimulates the trade in the village and that’s how a Village Trade Center is supposed to work!

Henry already got started by selling his house. All his money goes into the foundation to buythe Veerhuis. Henry gets his interest in kind as well!

You can be one of the first to participate in this world-changing initiative. For €250,- you will get – as interest – a lifetime of free coffee at the Veerhuis. For €1000,- you get – as interest aside from the free coffee ‒ a VTC-dinner each year and a 10% discount on all of the products. Go to and join us, to make sure the VTC, the little sister of the World Trade Center, can become a reality.

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