School of Meditation

school2The Damanhur School of Meditation is a spiritual research pathway based on sharing and connecting with others, as well as transforming ourselves, with the intention to awaken the divine within each human being through the creative power of positive thinking and taking action. In its over 40-year history, the Damanhur Meditation path has stimulated and enriched the lives of many people within Damanhur's communities and in groups around the world.
Meditation in Damanhur is not a specific technique of sitting meditation. It is an ongoing journey of expanding consciousness that draws on both ancient and current reservoirs of spiritual knowledge. While we do explore some meditative techniques, which can be helpful for increasing awareness on our path to spiritual freedom, the School of Meditation is much more. We consider Meditation as something to be experienced 24 hours a day, with active participation, choice and free will. Meditation groups usually focus their intentions and energies on a practical group project as well.
Duration: 1 days

The course is given in English


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