Prana Healing

Falco Tarassaco
(Oberto Airaudi)

Prana treatments from the Spiritual Healing School of Oberto Airaudi are not only directed towards the illness but to the entire needs of the person, including those on an inner level. Every human being is unique, and for each one the path to health is specific and personal because it not only involves the physical, but also the emotional and spiritual.

Prana is one of the most ancient forms of healing, able to rebalance the body through the universal energy called ’Prana’. The care of the body through the care of the soul. Prana helps to find inner balance, bringing light to our spiritual self and revitalising our subtle bodies. The deepest areas within each one of us can be re-awakened, bringing great changes in the quality of life.

The use of prana can also benefit the body and its different organs. Prana or spiritual recovery, as it more accurately termed, is beneficial in a great variety of diseases, and a very effective complement to all other forms of treatment. This ensures a perfectly safe, clear and effective transmission of energy.

Gnomo Orzo, 25-year resident of Damanhur School instructor for meditation, spiritual healer since 1997 and teacher of esoteric physics is available for giving Prana treatments.

Sessions duration: 40 minutes • Fee: € 35,-

To schedule an appointment with Gnomo Orzo:
Call 06 22920101 t.a.v. Marlene
Or book on this website


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