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  • Workshop

    The power of Dreams Level 2

    November 30th - December 1st 2018
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  • Past Lives

    Past Lives Research offers the opportunity to become aware of the long journey of your soul and the directions it takes. During the course the instructor will guide you through a series of meditative and dynamic exercises with the aim of having you feel the emotions of your past life – what experiences it brought, what lessons were learned, what riches were had.

  • Atlantis

    The sequence of ancient alien and extra-terrestrial colonies represent the origin of different evolutionary streams of the human seed on Earth. This course will touch on the mystery of Atlantis with its unusual archeology and lost knowledge as well as our stellar roots, presenting innovative approaches to how we can link with a different time line, including the theory and the experimental hypothesis of time travel.

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    Astral Travel

    Astral travel means to deeply relax your body and to come out with our energetic part, fully conscious, to have out of the body experiences. In the course you learn how to use this faculty and then through the three successive levels you explore all of the possible fields of application.

  • Spiritual Physics

    The Spiritual Physics is a path of research that explore the nature of the soul, the different parts that make it and that make us mediums of ourselves, Inner Personalities, the Inner Senses that belong to the divine origin of the human being, reincarnation, the Laws that govern the universe and life, the structure of time, Cosmogenesis, the spiritual ecosystems, Magic and magical technology.

  • Bral Talej

    Learn to read the signs and easily decode life’s answer through the Bral Talej divination deck. Bral Talej is a divination system that uses ancestral symbols of the Damanhurian’s Sacred Language. Inspired by the Damanhurian Sacred Language we created Bral Talej using these ancestral magical symbols, whose expression is further enhanced by selfic paintings.

  • Past lifes
  • Atlantis
  • Astral Travel
  • Spiritual Physics
  • Tarot

The Temples of humankind

  • Hall of Earth
  • Hall of the Hearth
  • Hall of Water
  • Hall of Water
  • Hall of Metals
  • Hall of Metals
  • Hall of Spheres
  • Hall of Spheres
  • Hall of Labirinth
  • Hall of Labirinth
  • Hall of the Hearth
  • Hall of Hearth
Every year thousands of people from all over the world visit this large contemporary cathedral. Many use it as a tool for personal research, and to open within themselves new paths to inspiration and creativity.

The Temples can be visited every day. They are available for individual or group meditation, to celebrate life’s milestones such as a wedding or the welcoming of a newborn child.
Ceremonies and initiations of all spiritual schools of the world are welcome.

For those who love art and architecture and are looking for a new frontier of human ingenuity and creativity, for those who want to discover how a group of people succeeded in realizing an "impossible" dream and created an extraordinary underground construction, excavated by hand inside the rock...

The Hall of Water, of the Earth, of the Spheres, of Metals, the Blue Temple and the Labyrinth: the Temples of Humankind are like a large book of knowledge dedicated to universal spirituality. The images and symbols within the Temples awaken the sense of the sacred that is the fundamental inheritance of every human being.

The Temples of Humankind have been built at a meeting point of the Synchronic Lines, the "rivers" of energy that link the Earth to the cosmos. A visit or a meditation in the Temples create an opportunity to tap into this extraordinary potential for one's own spiritual, artistic and personal growth.

Projects we love


The Village Trade Center

On how the World Trade Center is getting a little sister: the Village Trade Center. The answer to the question how to create a new and local economy. I would love to show you how this dream will become reality. It started in 1993, with Henry, who started the first car sharing company in the Netherlands He started with one car and three families: Mywheels, now a stable and flourishing company. Mywheels follows the principles of a new economy, the cars as well as the profits are shared. And that’s how it’s supposed to be, isn’t it?


Projects we love


The SoulCollage©

Al 10 jaar Lucy Schaaphok haar eigen bedrijf en heb ik honderden mensen geholpen bij het zetten van stappen richting het realiseren van grote en kleine dromen. Ze vindt het fantastisch om mensen te helpen bij het verder komen dan ze ooit hadden durven dromen. Ze gaat graag voorbij belemmerende overtuigingen en patronen en leert mensen inzien dat ze zoveel meer kunnen en zijn dan ze denken.
Ze is beeldend kunstenaar, coach en trainer en zet zich op dit moment voor het grootste gedeelte in voor de bijzonder methode die SoulCollage® heet.
Sinds 2004 komt ze in Damanhur wat voor haar haar tweede thuis is geworden. Ze organiseert reizen naar Damanhur en samen met Damanhur workshops in Nederland. Ze volgt de School of meditation van Damanhur en is o.a. daardoor hecht geworden met Damanhur.


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