Bral Talej

Personal divination readings

Through these card readings Shama Viola gently accompanies you into the various areas of your life, clarifying doubts, affirming decisions, supporting your soul's true mission for this year. The Bral Talej deck is a magical guidance reflecting back to you the wisdom of your soul, which can confirm or clarify the steps that you intend to take, or that 's best to take, on your current spiritual, emotional and physical journey.


Shama Viola
(Manuela Terraluna)

imageAfter 33 years dedicated to art, spirituality and teaching conscious awareness in the USA, in 2001 Shama chose to return to her native land to become a Damanhurian Citizen and fully participate in this very interesting social and spiritual adventure.

Fascinated and inspired by the Damanhurian Sacred Language she has created ‘Bral Talej’, a new divination system where the damanhurian symbols and meanings find a uniquely powerful and beautiful expression.  Shama travels throughout Italy, Europe and the USA to present and teach her divination method as well as other damanhurian workshops. Gifted with natural intuition and warmth she shares her gifts in group events, courses and individual readings.

Sessions duration: 40 minutes • Fee: € 45,-

To schedule an appointment with Shama Viola:
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Readings Calendar
Jan 16th 2016 from 10 am to 6 pm bookfrofree but